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Easter is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate then to stuff your basket full of BNB curtesy of Floki Bunny.

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Degen play

We know our roots, its a degen play at heart but the team rolling this out are as safe as can be. Looking to have a good time and make our community some eggs going into the weekend.


Locked liquidity

Liquidity is locked, which gives great security to the project, LP is locked for 7 days 

Marketing Connections

The team is experienced and compromised to give the best experience a degen can give through marketing


Tokenomics are designed so that the project has a long life


You must have BNB in your metamask wallet and exchange it for the token

If the token gives rewards and is run by experienced developers

Yes, the developers are transparent people, besides the liquidity is blocked

If the token has taxes that are destined for the growth of the project and in turn reward the holders


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Sell (20%)
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